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前阵子, 需要对市面上的可穿戴设备进行一个简单调查,并分析与车机HUT互联的可行性.

针对最终需求, 故调查选取的可穿戴设备缩小到智能手表这一项上,因为目前市面上的智能手表功能已较完善.

调查后发现,现在市场上的智能手表基本都能兼容安卓与IOS平台,但其操作系统只有一部分是Android Wear;

另外即使是基于Android Wear系统,但应用市场还是不完全开放,还在发展完善阶段.

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Get started Qt - C++ and QML Interaction

QML is designed to be easily extensible through C++ code. The classes in the Qt QML module enable QML objects to be loaded and manipulated from C++, and the nature of QML engine's integration with Qt's meta object system enables C++ functionality to be invoked directly from QML. This allows the development of hybrid applications which are implemented with a mixture of QML, JavaScript and C++ code.

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Get started Qt - Qt Quick Event

Signal & Slot

QML has a signal and handler mechanism, where the signal is the event and the signal is responded to through a signal handler. When a signal is emitted, the corresponding signal handler is invoked.

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